Privacy policy

Customer privacy is something we take very seriously at WebFaction. We do not, and have never, sold or otherwise released our customers' personal information to any third party. This Privacy Policy describes the personal information that WebFaction may collect and how that information is used.

Collected Information

  1. Visitors to our site Visitors to our web site have their HTTP requests logged. This includes IP address, browser type and version, which pages were requested and where the request was referred from. All of this information is collected anonymously and is not linked to any personal information.
  2. Our Customers When a customer signs up for an account with WebFaction, we collect personal information including name, password, mailing address and email address. All of the personal information held on a customer's account can be viewed, corrected and updated by that customer via our web site. To make payments for our services, customer are required to provide credit card or other payment information to one of the third party companies which provide our payment services. We use customer information for the purposes of creating and maintaining customer accounts, contacting customers in case of a problem with their account and providing technical support. We also used aggregated customer data which has been stripped of any personally identifying information to help us identify trends and improve our service.
  3. Services run on our servers Any client software running on or connecting to our servers may be logged and/or monitored for security and quality reasons. This includes:
    1. Any network connections made to our servers.
    2. Any network connections initiated from one of our servers.
    3. Any commands, scripts or programs run on our servers by any means, including but not limited to SSH, CGI and Cron.
    This logging may collect information including but it not limited to: date, time, initiating user, commands executed, network traffic, IP addresses and ports used. Data collected in this way will only be used to help diagnose and fix security or other technical problems.

Data Retention

  1. Web access logs are destroyed after 30 days. Aggregated web statistics generated from those logs may be retained indefinitely.
  2. Customer's personal and billing information is retained for the lifetime of the customer's account. After the account is closed some billing data is archived as required by the HM Revenue & Customs.
  3. Client software logs are destroyed after 20 days.
  4. Support tickets and emails may be retained indefinitely but we reserve the right to destroy them at any time after the support request has been dealt with.

Third Parties

  1. Payment Providers All payments made to WebFaction happen via a third party. Currently this will be either Paypal or 2Checkout.com. PayPal provides payment services for customers paying via credit or debit cards or via the PayPal system. 2Checkout.com, Inc. is an authorised reseller of the services provided by WebFaction. The personal information (including card numbers or account details) which you provide to these third parties is never stored on WebFaction systems. As such, this information is subject to the privacy and data retention policies of the payment providers being used. We will share with these third parties only the minimum amount of information required to collect your payments. This includes your username and outstanding balance.
  2. Domain Registrars A domain name is required to use many of our services. Domain names may be obtained either through WebFaction or a third party domain registrar. The personal information which you provide to a third party domain registrar is never stored on or transmitted through our servers. As such, this information is subject to the privacy and data retention policies of the domain registrar being used. We will not share any of the personal information you prove us with your domain registrar. Please note that by the very nature of the domain registration system some of the contact information that you provide when registering your domain name will be made available in public records.
  3. Other Third Parties We will not share your personal information with any other third party without either your explicit consent or a court order requiring us to do so.