Wanna work for your favorite hosting company? WebFaction is always on the look out for good people to join our team! We currently have the following openings:

Support Engineer

Job Location

Anywhere in the world - this is a telecommuting position!

Job Schedule

We currently have openings on the following shifts:

  • Asia shift: ~12AM GMT to ~10AM GMT

All shifts are 5 days on, 3 days off.

Job Activities

You will be the be the first line of contact for our customers, primarily via our online support ticketing system but also on our public forum. Your job will be to answer their questions, help them fix their problems and generally leave them with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

This is a real problem-solving position. Sure, there are some common questions and problems, but we've eliminated most of them through documentation and systems improvements. That means that most of the tickets that you will deal with are unique problems which require real thought and creative troubleshooting, and not just a standard boilerplate response. We need someone who will enjoy attacking a problem and applying whatever technical skills are needed to provide a solution.

You'll also perform customer service duties such as setting up new accounts, canceling closed accounts, service upgrades/downgrades, and responding to pre-sales inquiries.

You'll be well-supported while you're learning about our systems but this is a telecommuting position so you will need to be able to work under your own initiative, learn quickly, and be the sort of person who can find answers and ask for help when you need it.


  • Excellent customer service skills, a friendly demeanor, and a genuine desire to help people
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English.
  • Experience with Linux systems, including:
    • Navigating the filesystem at the command line
    • Filesystem permission modes and access control lists
    • Pipes and redirection
    • Command line utilities such as grep, awk, top, and dig
    • A strong understanding of DNS.
  • Experience with the Python programming language (this is not a development position, but we use Python extensively in our internal systems).
  • Experience troubleshooting Linux systems including tools such as Nginx, Apache, Postfix etc.
  • Experience with database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.
  • Experience with one or more web development frameworks or tools such as Django, Rails, Node.js, Drupal, etc. (again, this is not a development position, but we do support customers who use these frameworks).
  • Experience with other programming languages is beneficial but not required.
  • You must be self-motivating and self-disciplined.
  • You must have reliable internet access and a place to work.


This is an hourly position. Your hourly wage is based on your location and experience.

How to Apply

Send an email to to tell us a bit about yourself and to explain why we would be absolutely mad not to hire you. Please use the name of the position for which you're applying as the subject, and attach your CV or résumé in PDF, HTML, RTF, or plain text format (no Word documents please).