Hosting for developers

$10/month, 100GB SSD storage, 1GB RAM, 1TB bandwidthServers configured, secured, backed up and monitored for you

"Just saved days of my time and kept my sanity by switching to WebFaction hosting. Nothing compares for price or usability!!" James Lewis - July 2015
"Thanks to @paulrobertlloyd & @jamesmadson for the @webfaction intro - Loving the no-nonsense, simple approach to hosting #refreshing" Michael Allan- July 2015

Everything you need in one place


High-performance hosting

Fast CPUs, enterprise SSD storage, world-class datacenters and network.

Servers configured with care

We pre-install all servers with a hardened configuration of CentOS 7 and dozens of extra packages for the latest versions of all common tools like Python, Ruby, Node.js, Git, PHP etc.

Fully managed servers

We continously monitor all servers for performance and security and we regularly patch them and back them up. We also add new versions of tools when they are released.

Full shell access

You get full shell access to the servers to manage your files, databases and processes. You can also install your own tools in your home directory.

One-click installer for many applications

Our control panel lets you install many applications like WordPress, Django, Node.js etc. in one click to hit the ground running.

Email, database and DNS hosting

All accounts come with email hosting (with secure POP, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail and spam filtering) and database hosting (MySQL and PostgreSQL). You can manage your emails, databases and DNS records from our control panel.

Friendly and knowledgable support

Our 24x7 customer support team will always go the extra mile to give you a useful answer within minutes.

... and more

API, great documentation, powerful control panel, multiple server locations (USA, Europe and Singapore), 60-day moneyback guarantee, over 200,000 apps already hosted.

*RAM and storage allowances on cloud server plans are approximate and may vary due to resource utilization by the server operating system and hosting infrastructure.