Hosting for developers

Flexible hosting without having to maintain your own cloud servers.

$9.50/month - 250,000 apps already hosted

"Just saved days of my time and kept my sanity by switching to WebFaction hosting. Nothing compares for price or usability!!"
James Lewis - July 2015

"Thanks to @paulrobertlloyd & @jamesmadson for the @webfaction intro - Loving the no-nonsense, simple approach to hosting #refreshing"
Michael Allan- July 2015

Get tons of features

Our hosting plan fulfills all your hosting needs.

100GB diskspace, RAID-10 setup

100GB diskspace on fast disks in a RAID-10 setup

512MB application RAM

512MB reserved memory (upgradable) to run your long-running processes such as Django, Rails, Node.js and others

Free RAM for web and database servers

Each machine comes with a web server, MySql server and PostgreSQL server which you can use for free

Full shell access

Because sometimes nothing beats running commands from the shell

All your favorite tools

We spend hundreds of hours installing the latest Python, Ruby, Django, Node.js, Git, Subversion, Trac, PHP, etc. for you.

USA, Europe, Asia locations

Host your apps close to their users

Instant account activation

For when you're in a hurry to get started

... and tons more

Email hosting, DNS hosting, monitoring, backups, API, great docs and much more. See Features & prices for the full list.

Make your apps faster

Because speed matters

We do everything we can to make sure that your apps are as fast as possible: fast disks in a RAID-10 setup, Nginx web server, undercrowded servers, top datacenters with excellent network connections.

Hit the ground running

No need to spend hours installing and configuring the software, database and other tools.
We have over 50 one-click installers in our control panel.

By developers for developers

Most of us have been developers for many years.

We know what developers want: fast and stable servers pre-installed with lots of developer-friendly tools. Should you need any help our support team will always go the extra mile to give you a useful answer within minutes.

Be a developer not a sysadmin

Our sysadmin team spends hours configuring our servers, installing the latest versions of many tools, applying security patches, monitoring and backing up servers so you can focus on developing.